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Hi there¬†ūüĆě

My name is Alicja.
I’m a young life¬†enthusiast,¬†a nature lover, a science geek, a happy¬†herbivore, a student of Psychology in Business, a former international model, and many many¬†more…. but above all that, I am simply a¬†human. A human¬†who doesn’t allow all these labels become limitations but rather uses them to thrive.

In my life, I strive to spread positive vibes and to promote kindness, love and balanced, positive approach to mentally & physically healthy lifestyle, based on wholesome natural food & intuition.

I sometimes post recipes here. Should you feel like using any of them, please, don’t fixate on recreating it word for word. Never have I considered myself a kitchen guru, and I never will.¬†If I post a recipe, it’s so that you can treat it simply as a reference for your own experiments. I can’t promise you that sticking to the ‘script’ will give you the exact same effect I got.
I don’t use any professional measuring equipment. I use a 250ml cup, a regular tablespoon I eat soups with, and a regular teaspoon I use for tea.