I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet.

                                                                                                      – Mahatma Gandhi

Do you ever:

  • let one failure outweight all the success you’ve been having?
  • let one bad thought dim all the happy ones that have been running around your head?
  • let one mean person shape your opinion on humanity?
  • let one situation ruin your day?

I’ve surely been there, done that 😉 I believe everyone gets stuck in this trap sometimes.

It’s just super easy to get caught up in whatever is currently bothering you and lose sight of all the good stuff in life.
And the deeper into the thoughts about that issue, the harder it is to disentangle yourself from them and get back to actually enjoying living.

It’s so not worth it though.

Look beyond the problem. Count your blessings!
What you focus on, grows.
The moment you bring your attention to the things you are truly grateful for, you’ll see the issue loosening its grip on you.
I’m not implying that it will not matter anymore. It most proably will. However, it will no longer suck energy out of you, and you’ll be able to use it productively to find the best solution.

I get it, it might not be easy to determine your blessings at first. We just usually don’t pay attention to the things that go well and easily spot when something is not right. That’s the default mode. You need to try harder to see the full picture.

Some aspects to start your research with:
Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food on your plate? Do you like it? Can you choose what you’ll wear? Do you have someone special in your life? Do you live in a safe place? What talent(s) do you have?

See and feel how lucky you are.
There are things you’ve been taking for granted that a lot of people dream about.






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