I am aware that I am mainly associated with sweets rather than with savory foods. Well, this association is no doubt correct. I am a woman, who claims chocolate is her favorite salad (because, after all, it is produced from a plant – cocoa 😉 ).
I usually eat sweet things and this is what I mostly post here.
Nevertheless, I want to show you the savory part of my cooking too.
The upcoming winter motivited me to try and balance my meals more – add more veggies to them. It’s time to strenghten the immune system!


  • plant oil
  • pumpkin
  • carrot
  • corn (from 1 jar)
  • seasoning: Himalayan salt, cardamom, ginger, nigella sativva, optionally a bit of cayenne pepper and ground cloves

Cut the pumpkin into small pieces. Cook until tender. Mash it with a fork. Transfer it to the pan. Add some water, oil, and spices and bring the whole thing to boiling. Grate the carrot on a fine grater. Put it in the pumpking-filled pan. Let it simmer for a few more minutes. You can add the corn at the very end or straight to your plate.




  • olej roślinny
  • dynia
  • marchewka
  • kukurydza ze słoiczka
  • przyprawy: sól himalajska, kardamon, imbir, czarnuszka, ewentualnie odrobina pieprzu cayenne i mielonych godzików

Dynię pokrój na małe kawałki i ugotuj do miękkości. Rozgnieć ją widelcem lub zblenduj. Przełóż na patelnię. Dodaj trochę wody, oleju i przyprawy, i zagotuj. Zetrzyj marchew na tarce z drobnymi oczkami. Wrzuć ją do dyni i podduś na małym ogniu przez kilka minut. Kukurydzę można wrzucić na patelnię w ostatniej minucie, lub dodać ją bezpośrednio do talerza.


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